Photography Education

Those with the artistic eye and a creative talents of a photographer can gain a formal photography education from some of the best vocational schools and trade schools in the US and Canada. Good photography courses can teach you how to compose better photographs, and to develop an excellent understanding of cameras, lenses, film, digital design and much more.

Vocational schools and trade schools offer a variety of photography courses to choose from, ranging from single topic classes leading to professional certificates, all the way to Associate of Arts (AA) degrees. Just imagine at what you can learn when it comes to photography education! Various courses might include subjects of composition, exposure times, camera lenses, and professional techniques used by photographers to capture the best pictures. You can even choose to "focus in" on a specialty, such as videography, for instance.

Single courses in photography are generally provided for students who simply want to learn to take better pictures. Vocational schools also offer courses leading to certificates and diplomas that can help the student begin a new career in photography, or simply for the pleasure of learning the principles of photographic art. At this level, training can still provide comprehensive, detailed, and technical classes for developing the skills required of professional photographers.

Photography schools can also include a fine art approach. Aspiring photographers can earn Associate of Arts (AA) degrees. At this level, instruction could include digital, as well as commercial, and artistic composition; various cameras and camera basics; focal lengths and apertures; lighting, color and black and white photography; and may be accompanied by hands-on darkroom processes and techniques for gaining professional photography skills.

Vocational education at the level of AA degrees will qualify you to go on to art institutes, colleges, and universities to study for Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) degrees. Graduates will qualify as portraiture photographers, photojournalists, wedding photographers, school photographers, or for other specialties.

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