Study at Home with Distance Learning

If you find yourself in the position where you have already secured a job but you would still like to develop your knowledge and skills further by studying for additional qualifications you may feel that you do not have many options. You may also be in a position where you have a high level of commitments that mean you cannot travel in order to continue your education through a taught course. In these, and many other, situations you are likely to find that distance learning courses can provide you with the further education that you are looking for along with the flexibility of not having to disrupt your life.
There are various methods that are used in distance learning, the main one being an online connection to your course, your fellow students and also your tutor. Many courses also have textbooks and study materials that will be sent to you by post and you may find that there are practical exercises that you may need to carry out at home.

You may feel at first as if you are studying in isolation, but there are tools that will be made available to you for you to connect with your fellow students in order to get to know them and to discuss elements of the course as they arise. Some courses may require you to work collaboratively in a pair or in a small group and so you get the opportunity to learn about each other and to interact with people going through the same process. You can also contact your tutor through the online system, but you will also have options of phone and email contact as well if you require some one to one time with them.

Most of the distance learning courses that you can take lead to qualifications that will be recognised anywhere in Australia. They are also, in many instances, accredited by regulatory bodies and so you also become eligible for student membership of institutes and you can take advantage of journals and conferences that they provide in order to begin, or continue, networking in your new chosen field.
The number of courses that are available increases almost daily as distance learning grows in popularity. The pressures of modern life are likely to lead to this type of study being the most dominant in the not too distant future. Courses are offered at a number of different study levels that start with introductory Certificates in an area through to a full degree course. This means that you can tailor your studies to your own personal needs. These needs may be for you to develop a new set of skills in order to change career path, they may be for you to enhance your promotion prospects, or you may just choose to study for fun.

While there are many courses dedicated to specific job types and industry types, there are also courses that can easily be studied for interest such as courses on native Australian flora.